Sahara A Love Story. Maybe you do not know who she is, San Mao, born March 26, 1943 in Chongqing, China. As the woman of her time, she defies convention and become one of the prized literature writer and voice of her dreams, dreams of looking for love, adventure and her dynamic passion for life. Her ambition of to become the first woman to cross the Sahara Desert was supported by her then husband He Xi, a Spanish national and a diver who death in 1979 of a diving accident devastated her so much, it echo through a song written by her “This Life” (今世), composed by Li (李泰祥) and sang by Chyi ( 齐豫).

Her lost for loves one begin from the first time she fell in love with a German teacher and just right before marriage, her then fiancé die after suffering from an heart attack. Her re-united love with He Xi which is much younger than her but love her dearly during her time studying in University of Madrid; when fate bring her again back to Spain. By now He Xi has grown up to be a handsome young man. Her work on her first book “The Story of Sahara” served as an autobiography of her life together with her husband He Xi in the Western Sahara was published in 1979 has earn her a legendary position, her story telling is moving and her love story, very much exist among us today.

Her story of the Western Sahara even though is not well known internationally but many Chinese speaking world get to know them intimately via her stories, her narrative on her adventures on her own life as well as her passionate emotional experiences.

Her death at the age of 48 and at the top of her career has sadden many. Until today, no one know exactly why she took her own life and her last work, the film “Red Dust” which earn many “best” awards in Taiwan.

Sahara, the world beyond another world; the world harshest living environment against the backdrop of golden red soft sand, the view of dunes beyond the eyes; a beauty that takes your breath away….. the feel of toughness and softness , the sensation of fear and excitement, uncertain of what you find, the ride into sunset, enveloping you the darkness of the nature …. your only guided is the sky, Sahara, a place that let you explode in your sensuality, emotion and free flow of expression; a place for you to express without fear and connect deep into you.

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