Jenny Group was born in year 1999 with our first company that deal with real-estate in Malaysia. We arrive at the end of the world economic crisis that brings many countries down. Surprisingly, we have not really sink in the fact of “difficult time “at all. Maybe it was due to our outlook and unique approaches in real-estate that make us survive until today.

We have since grown from strength to strength in terms of professional consulting, individual property management and all activities in real-estate. Our plan since day one is to keep the company small with priority given to all the properties being listed with us. For an investor, property is their asset and it is very vital that the piece of asset is taken care of, not only from the marketing point of view but overall management, cleanliness and maintenance.

Malaysia is an interesting country for investment as it is still relatively cheap compares to the rest of our neighbours. The quality of our property and concept is catching up with the rest of the world. Most important, is the emergence of a few life-style developers which has make Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur the capital appealing and captivating to the taste of what foreigner or local that are keen to look out for something beyond ordinary.

Jenny Group consist of me and my adventure, for it being a personal interest or a money making entity. Being me, Jenny Liew, has always look for challenges in life and tried to learn as much as possible. Yes, i indeed make mistake in life as well as business decision, but it had never hamper me to move forward and take it as the learning curve for myself.