A report from The Star dated 28th March 2016, Malaysia export for timber industry posting a growth of 6.5% to RM22.1 bil in 2015. National Timber Industry Policy which is under the government preview has a target of timber products export to reach RM53 bil in year 2020 which is about 3.5 years from now.

Malaysia timber is well known around the world. This is due to Malaysia being rank 8th globally on furniture export. Largest market still remain with the US and India is being observed as a potentially developable market.

Why buying from Malaysia? Not only Malaysia tropical species is varied and quality, our current Ringgit situation which is pretty low compare to the last decade, make our timber, unfinished or finished products being very afforable.

Malaysia has many reforestation program being implemented as far back as in 1980’s and most fortunately in Malaysia all natural forest belong to the state which make it easier when managing current or future planning.

The magnificent of Malaysia log.
Our machine can provide precise and even cut with the longest possible up to 20'. Coming soon we can cut up to 36' in lenght.

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